Lenten Series 2018


Lenten Series 2018

Living Life Sacramentally:

Faith and the Importance of the Imagination


            We often hear  arguments for and against Christian faith. But arguments at best test our faith. At the real heart of faith is the ability for us to imagine, to see the world as being God’s creation, including seeing Christ’s sacrifice at its center. Join us as we look at the role the religious imagination plays in our living faith, especially in living life sacramentally, that is, as a way of partaking in God’s own life by engaging God’s presence in the world. This is more than theology, for we will consider how important the arts are to religious faith. They are not just window dressing, but expressions of God’s making God’s presence dwell in the world. 

Session I: February 21 “Faith and the Religious Imagination”
Session II: February 28 “Slain from the Foundation of the World”: Christ’s Atoning Death
Session III: March 7 Presbyterianism: Sacramental or Revivalist?
Session IV: March 14 The Mystical Presence
Session V: March 21 The World as Sacrament

6:30 Fellowship – bring a sandwich, we provide beverages. 7-8:30 the actual session.