Message From the Day School's Director


Message From the Day School's Director

A Word From The Day School's  Director

Laura Graham - July 31, 2015

Laura Graham

I am filled with gratitude and joy to be the Director of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School. I bring with me seventeen years of experience in the field of early childhood education. The past seven years here at the Day School have given me bountiful energy, enthusiasm, and an extended level of learning both in and out of the classroom.

I believe children are born into this world with all of the capabilities they need to be adept at learning. The essence of early childhood education is the creation of an environment where children are encouraged to discover their individual talents, where they want to learn, and where they can naturally discover their true selves. I feel my beliefs in education are rooted in a progressive approach, which begins by attending to the development of the whole child.

An early childhood learning environment must be thoughtfully constructed so children and adults from a variety of cultural backgrounds will feel welcomed and accepted. I seek to form close relationships with each child and family. It is important for children to feel a part of a community. They learn best when they observe and model one another within a caring and compassionate community. Children retain meaningful information when they are encouraged to spend more time exploring freely and thinking about ideas, rather than memorizing facts and skills. The promoting of open-ended exploration with materials initiates a child’s desire to question and construct knowledge on his or her own and to strengthen one’s abilities to problem solve. I believe in committing to diversity and learning about others’ traditions, similarities, and differences.

I strongly feel the education of a young child begins in the home and that a child’s first school must be an extension of the learning that has already begun. A quality early childhood education program is not only achieved by highly skilled, supported, and motivated teachers and a depth of exploratory experiences provided for children, but equally by high levels of parent participation. At The Day School, we need to embrace these dedicated partnerships with families.

We live in a fast-paced society and I will continue to acknowledge the current demands on parenthood as the need for high quality care for our children persists. Creativity is a natural part of every growing child and children approach life with a playful spirit. Children are learning something new all of the time and I intend to keep the spirit of creativity and playful learning in the heart of my work as Director of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School.